Software Services

Reliable. Easy to use.

Today’s typical media presentation system is complicated and usually requires a fair number of electronic components to achieve the desired result. Regardless of their complication, systems designed for media presentation must be reliable and easy to use to truly be effective for the every-day user. Integrated control system technologies exist to do just that; simplify the complicated system so that it is reliable and easy to use and understand.

TPI is a nationally recognized leader in control system technologies especially when it comes to developing software solutions for the end user. Our company is qualified and certified to deliver rock solid solutions using any of the major control system brands as well as custom applications. Our team of designers and developers are control system experts who have a deep passion for the technology and a complete understanding of how to use it.

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  • Control System Design and Specification
  • Interface and Graphics Design and Development
  • Operating System Software Design and Development
  • DSP Programming and Configuration
  • Custom Windows Applications
  • System Troubleshooting and Repair